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Over Dimensional Cargo

We are one of the few companies that provide Over Dimensional Cargo services.ODC transportation requires permissions and mastery in the field when it comes to loading-unloading, movement, manoeuvres and check post clearing. We have been providing the solutions for our clients in this regard, including the challenging task of managing ODC.


Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC) services refer to the transportation of cargo that exceeds the standard size and weight limits for regular shipping containers. This type of cargo can include large industrial equipment, heavy machinery, and oversized structures such as wind turbine blades or prefabricated buildings. ODC services are typically provided by specialized logistics companies that have expertise in handling the unique requirements of these types of shipments.

They may involve customized packaging, loading and unloading procedures, and specialized transportation equipment such as flatbed trucks, low loaders, and cranes. Due to their size and weight, ODC shipments may also require special permits, escorts, and road closures in some cases. Effective ODC services can help ensure that these types of cargo are transported safely and efficiently, minimizing the risk of damage or delays. With the increasing demand for oversized and heavy cargo transportation, ODC services have become an important part of the logistics industry.